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We love our Midtown, Atlanta community and try to get involved whenever we feel it's a no-brainer. Check out some of our current and recent projects we've been
involved with in our community. If you feel your organization could benefit from Vertigo Graphic's involvement, please contact us at

The Plaza Theatre

If you've read our Blog, you know we're huge film fans and draw a great deal of inspiration for our own designs from film. When moving to Atlanta, it wasn't long before we discovered a great gem in the heart of the city, The Plaza Theatre. The Plaza is Atlanta's Oldest Continuously Operating Cinema, showing new releases, weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show Events, Splatter Cinema (where you can get your picture taken in a re-created scene from a film), Silver Scream Spook Show (where you can see a fantastic live show before a screening of an old, 35MM film) and they pull out old classics all the time for you to be able to see on the big screen again!

This wonderful, non-profit organization opened its doors in 1939 as a 1000 seat art deco cinema and live theatre. In the 1970s, the cinema operated as an X-rated adult cinema and live burlesque theatre until the entire shopping center was renovated by current owner Robert Griffith. In 1983, the theatre was purchased by George Lefont who was the first to bring independent cinema to Atlanta. The theatre underwent renovations again when purchased by longtime Atlanta residents Jonathan & Gayle Rej in August of 2006. The Plaza Theatre is the last cinema of its kind in Atlanta, as well as the oldest continuously operating cinema in the city. Now with 501c3 non profit status, The Plaza Theatre Foundation hopes to save this theatre, continue to promote independent film, and support the local film community.

Do you love The Plaza as much as we do? Support The Plaza today by catching a flick or becoming a member!

The Midtown Festival of the Arts

Midtown Festival of the ArtsHow could we NOT get involved in an art festival on our own front porch?!  The Midtown Festival of the Arts is a neighborhood arts festival celebrating Midtown’s arts and entertainment offerings. And the best part?! It's proudly presented on world famous Peachtree Street! The Non-Profit Organization Midtown Festival of the Arts, Inc., is an organization dedicated to producing an annual neighborhood arts festival. The organization aims to foster a sense of community and identity and to support Midtown advocacy groups and safety initiatives. They are a volunteer-run, membership-supported organization.

Vertigo Graphic was involved with The Midtown Festival of the arts since November, 2009 as an active member of the Marketing and Promotions Committee. We built two websites for The Festival and completed several print-ads. In July, 2010, Vertigo Graphic became a Silver Sponsor of The Festival and we continued to dedicate numerous hours to The Festival for their inaugural event.

If you're in the Atlanta, GA area, please be sure to mark your calendar each year to visit the Midtown Festival of the arts!

The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern

Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern
The Shakespeare Tavern is an Authentic Elizabethan Playhouse located in the SoNo district of Atlanta, GA. The Tavern is home to the Atlanta Shakespeare Company and they offer high-quality, British Pub food and beverages before each performance. Complete with a Globe-inspired balcony and an overall Elizabethan feel, the Shakespeare Tavern is a Vertigo Graphic favorite!

As the Atlanta Shakespeare Company draws closer to having performed all of Shakespeare's work, in June, 2010, the Tavern took on one of Shakespeare's rarest plays - Coriolanus. After taking promotional photos for the play, the Tavern hosted a Photoshop Contest and you better believe we participated! What an awesome way to become even more connected to this great gem in Atlanta. 

We won the contest and received 4 tickets and their "Royal Upgrade" for an upcoming show (we saw Hamlet, The Musical). We absolutely love Atlanta's Shakespeare Tavern and encourage anyone in the Atlanta, GA area to give them a try! Even if you've never been a fan of Shakespeare in the past, the Tavern explains that Shakespeare was meant to be heard and seen - not read. And they do an amazing job bringing his plays to life. Get your tickets early! They're sold out almost every time we visit!

Reiki 4 Well Being

Reiki 4 Well BeingThis natural healing system aligns and gently balances life energies and brings overall health and well-being on all levels. Energy healing is essential in balancing the mind, body and spirit and removing blocks from our energy centers for continued growth in all aspects of one's life - we can certainly use some balancing at Vertigo Graphic!

The owner of Reiki 4 Well Being is Kandi Mullen, and we're so fortunate that her business is in our building. Kandi continues to expand her own depth and knowledge of Reiki as she studies Karuna Reiki, an advanced form of energy work.

We partnered with Reiki 4 Well Being in 2010 to help Kandi add an Amazon.com Store to her website. Check out the Reiki 4 Well Being website to shop in Kandi's store or to make an appointment for your own healing!

The Fort Worth Business Assistance Center (BAC)

Fort Worth Business Assistance CenterThe Fort Worth Business Assistance Center (the BAC), a division of the Housing & Economic Development Department of the City of Fort Worth, provides exceptional information and resources for small business owners.  The BAC is comprised of 12 service providers. Each offers a wealth of information for those who want to start, buy or expand a business. 

Vertigo Graphic's roots started growing in Fort Worth, TX, and the Fort Worth Business Assistance Center provided wonderful training to our founder to enable him to build our company.  In 2009, Vertigo Graphic offered to create the BAC's t-shirt design for their annual Entrepreneurial EXPO, held in the Fort Worth Conference Center. 
Community Involvement