A Day in the Park: Piedmont Park – A Julianna Hudgins Design Team Project

When the clock was ticking and there were only a few days before I moved from good ol’ Atlanta, Georgia to Phoenix, Arizona, I took some of my final morning runs in historic Piedmont Park.  And after all the miles I’ve run, push-ups I’ve done, hills that I’ve sprinted and calories that I’ve left behind there, it only felt appropriate to give Piedmont Park the paper-crafting-tribute it deserves.  So I wanted to bring you all along for a journey about what scrapbooking is all about to me…capturing fond memories and those special moments in life forever!  Julianna Hudgins’ Spellbinders die set, Jewel Treasures is a really versatile set…and the flower and the kite are a perfect jumping-off point for this project!

Piedmont Park Scrapbook Layout Using Julianna Hudgins Spellbinders Dies

With an abundance of flowering plants, sun rays that peek through the trees, rolling green hills, and wide-open fields that open up the sky for kites and miniature airplanes to be set against the clouds you’ll often see gliding across the urban, Midtown Atlanta Skyline…I knew all the points I wanted to touch to capture these memories.

I started by cutting all of the background pieces of paper I’d be using for my 8 x 8 scrapbook layout.  First, I cut a piece of distressed tan paper for the main piece that everything would be adhered to.  I used Spellbinders’ new Tweets and Twigs M-Bossabilities Folder to emboss the page.  Then I cut my sun rays, clouds (pre-printed paper) and two rolling hills to be mounted on top of the background.

Cutting all the Pieces for my Piedmont Park Scrapbook Layout

Next, I inked the edges of all the pieces in the project using Quick Quotes Mocha Mama Powder Puff Chalking Inks and adhered everything to the background page using a Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro Adhesive and their Glue Arts 3D Raisen’s to give the project some depth.

*Note*  If you compare this image to the final….you’ll see two different variations of this project.  While I love the darker, more antiqued look you see below, it didn’t quite capture the memory of the bright, gorgeous park I wanted to remember.  So I had to double-back on this project to brighten it up.  AND THAT’S OKAY!  It’s not always perfect the first time around…but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong either.  I’m saving this style back for a rainy day and wanted to share both looks with you!

Inking and Adhering all the Pieces for my Scrapbooking Layout of Piedmont Park

Next, I cut out three (3) each of the Kite and Flower shapes from Julianna Hudgins Jewel Treasures Die Set by Spellbinders.  I used the copper and silver Spellbinders Precious Metals Premium Craft Foils and also kept some of the embossed fallout pieces to use as well.  I used two of the rectangles from Spellbinders Card Creator Matting Basics A and B to cut my photo and mat.  The matting basics set are perfect for matting (and embossing) your photos to give a really clean & finished look!

Cutting the Spellbinders Julianna Hudgins Jewel Treasures Shapes for the Scrapbooking Layout

Next, I antiqued the kite and flower pieces by coloring them with a Black Sharpie Marker and then removing some of the ink using regular Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-Tip.  Then, I glued the pieces together except for the tail of the kite, the leaves and the flower petals using Aleene’s Tacky Glue.  I separated the non-glued pieces to make them pop off the page!  I love this look!

Creating the Kite and Flower from the Spellbinders Julianna Hudgins Jewel Treasures Collection

I printed my photo tag on my computer and used the small, long rectangle Spellbinders Card Creator Matting Basics A to cut the label.  Then, I put small silver brads into three of my photo’s corners and glued-on some of Tim Holtz’s Idea-Ology Mini Gears.  I used the brads to help me lift some of my gears off of the photo to run my twine under once it’s all glued together.

Adding Tim Holtz Gears to the Piedmont Park Picture for my Scrapbook Layout

That’s it!  I love how playful, fun and bright this project is.  It reminds me of the bright and cheery things I loved at the park, as well as the urban setting, the different textures and the botanicals found there.  It’s an unexpected day at the park that’s all about turning heads!

Here is a list of supplies I used for this project:

Julianna Hudgins Jewel Treasures Die Set by Spellbinders
Spellbinders Tweets and Twigs M-Bossabilities Folder
Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Mini Gears
Red & White Bakers Twine
Paper for Clouds, Background, Sun Rays and Hills
Spellbinders Precious Metals Premium Craft Foils
Spellbinders Card Creator Matting Basics A and B
Scissors and Paper Trimmer (Westcott Brand is my favorite!)
Glue Arts 3D Raisen’s
Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro Adhesive
Quick Quotes Mocha Mama Powder Puff Chalking Inks
Black Sharpie Marker
Rubbing Alcohol
Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Piedmont Park Scrapbook Layout Using Julianna Hudgins Spellbinders Dies

Thanks so much for checking out this scrapbook layout project!  Now that I’m in Phoenix, I’m living right across the street from Steele Indian School Park….with more memories to be made!  Stay tuned and…

Make Heads Turn…every day!

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  1. Jeremy, it is beautiful! What a great way to save a memory of a special place! Hope yours and Kens ears were burning … we were talking about you (of course) at the store today … we all miss you of course! Becky

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